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I am  an interdisciplinary artist living and working in both Chicago and Oklahoma City. Collaboration and community are integral to my practice, and my work is centered around art as care.  While my background is in drawing and painting, I am excited to be moving into the worlds of printmedia and metal casting as an exploration of process. 



I am passionate about the impact an artistic practice has on a learning mind. My aim as an educator is to put the value of student knowledge at the forefront. While art practice is frequently taught as a technical skill to master, there are integral ways of learning, thinking, and discovery that are born out of studio work, that greatly benefit a holistic education.

Hobgoblin Comics



Hobgoblin is a zine collective focused on the creation and distribution of independent comics in Chicago, IL. Run by Reilly Branson, Oberon Waters, Augustine Smith, and Lee Romero, Hobgoblin works to show the breadth of genres and disciplines under the umbrella of comics and illustration.